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B. Hussein Obama


"Which Clinton is running for President! - - - Well, I can't tell who I'm running against sometimes."



“Fellow Americans, Patriots, and Friends - - - Greetings and Salutations.”


“I’m convinced that our country, as well as you and I, have matured to a point that we’re more than willing to accept a female president - - - as long as it’s not the Ice Queen - - - or a Black president - - - as long as it’s not B. Hussein.”


“Even though we have almost 10 months to go before the Election, and a lot can happen in 10 months - - - I don’t think I’ll be going out on a limb by stating confidence is high that the Democratic candidate will either be the Ice Queen or B. Hussein Obama.”

Lt. Eddie Albert
U.S. Navy - WWII

“In reality this will be a good thing, because both are beatable. Oh sure, there are people that will vote for Hillary just because she’s a female and like wise there are people who will vote for Hussein because he’s black.”
(During the Battle of Tarawa in 1943, as a landing ship pilot, Albert rescued 70 wounded Marines while under heavy enemy machine-gun fire. - Bronze Star)

James Arness
U.S. Army - WWII

“The Democrats are all about power. The most difficult ticket to defeat would be a Hillary-Obama or Obama-Hillary ticket. The first female president and black vice president rolled up into one or the other way around. The Democrats know it too! But . . . ”
(Wounded at Anzio, Arness received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star)

Martin Balsam
Army Air Corps - WWII

“The gloves are coming are off between the two of them. The animosity pulse rate frequency is off the scale. Hussein will quickly learn what dirty politics is all about. When it comes to a smear campaign the Clintons have few equals and their bag of dirty tricks is bottomless. Tis the stuff that National Inquirer thrives upon.”

Richard Boone
U.S. Navy - WWII

"Just yesterday on WIOD we heard about some clown coming forward and claiming that he had oral sex with . . . "
(Aviation ordnance - combat - South Pacific during World War II.)

Richie Valens

"La-La-La OBAMA!"


“For some reason that smells suspiciously like a Clintonian planted seed.”


“Watson old boy - - - I think it would behoove us to put this Hussein chap under the glass, see what he’s all about.”

Cpl. Mel Brooks
U.S. Army - WWII

"The Barack "Hussein" Obama Show"
(Battle of the Bulge - Forward Artillery Observer)



The Democratic National Convention - 2004


"There is no mystic here, so perhaps we should remove the rose colored classes."

Neville Brand
U.S. Army - WWII


"Junior Senator B. Hussein had the crowd mesmerized when he addressed the convention. Anyone watching B. Hussein’s key note address would have been impressed - - - young, intelligent, slender, and able to articulate without using Ebonics. He became the darling of the media and they were already espousing ‘Presidential Material’ before the closing gavel struck. B. Hussein sucker punched the Democratic Party.”


(Purple Heart - Silver Star)


Excerpt and Analysis




“Tonight is a particular honor for me because - - - let's face it - - - my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely. My father was a foreign student, born and raised in a small village in Kenya. He grew up herding goats, went to school in a tin-roof shack."

Factually False

Ernest Borgnine
U.S. Navy - WWII

"B. Hussein Obama's father was not a poor "goat herder and immigrant." He was a child of privilege and affluence. He never went from being a goat herder in Kenya to graduating from Harvard in the United States."
(Served 10 years - Gunner's Mate - Pacific Theater - 4 Battle Stars)


"His father, my grandfather - - - was a cook, a domestic servant to the British. But my grandfather had larger dreams for his son. Through hard work and perseverance, my father got a scholarship to study in a magical place, America, that shone as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to so many who had come before."

Factually False

Art Carney
U.S. Army - WWII

"His grandfather was never a domestic servant for the British. He was a prominent and wealthy farmer in the British Colonial System. He not only owned a farm, but he had a substantial ranch with a large herd of cattle.”

"Barack Obama's family was a prominent MUSLIM family in Kenya.”


(Infantryman - Normandy - Purple Heart)



"While studying here, my father met my mother. She was born in a town on the other side of the world, in Kansas. My parents shared not only an improbable love, they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation. They would give me an African name, Barack, or "blessed," believing that in a tolerant America your name is no barrier to success.”

The Larval Stage
Nemesis Liberalis

"Oooohh Man! That's really heavy."

Factually False

"What do you think he meant"

Tony Curtis
U.S. Navy - WWII

"Barack Obama says he was given an "African" name by his parents. Obamas' grandfather was Hussein Obama, his uncle is Said Hussein Obama, his father was Baracka Hussein Obama, Sr., and he is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. "Hussein" is an Arabic-Muslim name, not African; but even more telling of his desire to hide his muslim heritage is his first name."
(Joined at 17 - Served aboard a Sub Tender - witnessed the surrender in Toyko Bay)

Kirk Douglas
U.S. Navy - WWII

"In his speech he claimed it was an African name meaning "blessed." However, his father was named Baracka, later dropping the "a" on his son's name to Barack. "Baracka" is an Arabic name meaning "blessed," not African. Baracka is a name originating directly from the Koran.”
(Served from 1941 - 1945)

Pfc. Charles Durning
U.S. Army - WWII


"Just like a Liberal, trying to bullshit the entire country - - - basically since day one. And while Obama may not identify as a Muslim, that's not how the Arab and Muslim Streets see it. In Arab culture and under Islamic law, if your father is a Muslim, so are you. And once a Muslim, always a Muslim. You cannot go back. In Islamic eyes, Obama is certainly a Muslim. He may think he's a Christian, but they do not."



(Omaha Beach/Battle of the Bulge - 3 Purple Hearts - Silver Star)







“We recommend that you don’t dare discuss the Muslim roots of his first name or mention his middle name around any Liberals or Democrats, they will amass in droves feigning sanctimonious indignation while accusing you of racial profiling. It will send Maureen Dowd into fits of apoplexy. CAIR will call for martyrdom operations against you and a gaggle of bra-less Berkeley grads will accuse you of being Zionist pig.”


“The only acceptable profiling at airports is little old blue haired ladies wearing Depends. Viewing any Muslim as a potential threat is strictly verboten for those embracing liberal ideology. They view Islamic terrorists as Freedom Fighters and illegal aliens as undocumented voters - - - uh undocumented workers.”


"Let's see if there is any pattern . . . "

Capt. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
U.S. Navy - WWII

"In 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by a Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40."
(Battleship Massachusetts/Commando raider)

Lt. Henry Fonda
U.S. Navy - WWII

"In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by:  Muslim male extremists between the ages of 17 and 40."
(Air Combat Intelligence - Bronze Star)

Capt. Glenn Ford
U.S. Navy - WWII

"In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by: Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40."
(WWII, Korea, Vietnam)

Capt. Clark Gable
Army Air Corps - WWII

"During the 1980's a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by:  Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40."
(351st Heavy Bomb Group - Observer/Gunner - film crew - Air Medal/Distinguished Flying Cross)

Sgt. Charlton Heston
Army Air Corps - WWII

"In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by: Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40."
(Pacific Theater Medal w/Battle Star)

Rock Hudson
U.S. Navy - WWII

"In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by: Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40."
(Aircraft Mechanic)

Army Air Corps- WWII

"In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by: Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40."
(B-24 Tail-Gunner)

Sterling Hayden

"In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by: Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40."
(Attached to OSS)

William Holden
Army Air Corps- WWII

"In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by: Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40."

Julia Child

"On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked;  two were used as missiles to take out the World Trade Centers and of the remaining two,  one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers in Pennsylvania. Thousands of people were killed by: Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40."


BAKER STREET FACTOID: Julia Child served with the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) in Ceylon and China during WWII.

Gene Autry
Army Air Corps - WWII

"In 2002 the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against: Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40."
(Flew C-47 Cargo planes - China, Burma, India)

Audrey Hepburn
Freedom Fighter

"In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by: Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40."


BAKER STREET FACTOID: Audrey Hepburn, as a child she was a courier for World War II resistance fighters in Holland.


“Now - - - the question is - - - did any of you notice a discernable pattern emerging here?”

Gen. George S. Patton


“You gotta be shittin me! A blind man could see it.”


“ . . . and that’s the point folks. Back in forty-one we were deliberately attacked. We would have been remorse in our obligation to defend our country if we didn’t anticipate an attack on the mainland at anytime. We took the necessary steps and sealed our borders tighter than Hillary’s ass, and with a hell of a lot less manpower than we have today.”


“We also rounded up all the Japanese Americans and threw them into Interment Camps. Fair or unfair, right or wrong, we did what we had to do in order to protect the security and welfare of the citizens of the United States. Sure many of the Japanese were citizens but they still had roots and loyalties to Japan. Of the thousands that were here, just how do you go about determining which have sympathy to the cause and pose a threat?”

Brian Keith


“We didn’t have the manpower or resources to mount such a huge background investigation, remember we were barely out of the depression. The only effective means was to keep them contained in one spot until we could sort out who was who, and the Liberals didn’t whine about it either.”


“Can you imagine the uproar today if we had mounted a similar operation after 9/11 and rounded up Muslims and Muslim Americans - - - the liberals would shit a green brick.”
(Rear-Gunner - Pacific Theater Medal w/Battle Star)

George Kennedy
U.S. Army - WWII

“Maybe we should have riveted those little metal tabs in their ears like they do with cattle. Let’s face it - - - the U.S. Government can trace a single cow back to the stall in some obscure village in Canada where it was born - - - yet can’t keep track of 12 million illegal aliens.”
(Served 16 years)


“Folks, along with an established pattern - - - there is also a reality the media NEVER shares or informs you about. I’m not talking about Islamic extremists, I direct your attention to devoted Muslims that embrace the Koran.”


"Our constitution guarantees everyone the right to worship or practice the religion of their choice. Muslims have every right to practice their religion as well, however those that truly embrace the Koran pose a threat to the security of our country.”


“These are passages from the Koran . . . "

 "Infidels are those who declare 'God is Christ, the son of Mary'"-Surah 5:17;

 "Infidels are those that say 'God is one of three in a Trinity'"-Surah 5:73;

 "Infidels are your sworn enemies"-Sura 4:101.

 "Make war on the infidels"-Sura 9:123;

 "When you meet the infidel in the battlefield strike off their heads"-Surah 47:4;

 "Muhammad is Allah's apostle, those who follow him are ruthless to the infidels"-Surah 48:29;

 "Take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends"-Surah 5:51.


“I fully anticipate CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) crawling up my ass over this LOCKED-ON article, accusing me of Muslim Bashing. I am not bashing Muslims - - - I am reporting FACTS to the American public. I did NOT invent the events nor did I write the Koran.”


“So CAIR can kiss my entire ass. The people have a right to know who we are dealing with and for the time being at least - - - we still have Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech in this country - - - no thanks to the left.”


“Be afraid – be very very afraid!"



Please take a moment and watch this short video.







“You heard him, now pour a cup of Joe and watch the video . . . that’s an order!”



(When the video loads - don't click on "Enter Site" - simply sit back and watch.)







“A clear and present danger if ever there was one. If I’m a security officer at the airport and I see a Den mother with a few Cub Scouts, two teenage college girls, an old man pushing his wife in a wheelchair, and two nervous Muslim men between the ages of 17 and 40, I’m keeping my eye on the Muslims.”


“If CAIR calls that racial profiling . . . tough shit. The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few. Better to be judged by 12 of my peers than carried by six of my friends. And that brings us full circle back to the subject of this Special Report.”


“Who is . . . "



Barack(a) Hussein Obama Jr.
      (Muslim name)               (Muslim name)      (Prominate Muslim family)


Col. Ed McMahan



"We all know WHERE he was born, and that his Father was a MUSLIM; his Mother is an Atheist, and his Step-Father is a MUSLIM."


“Now that’s what I call great credentials for someone seeking the presidency of a country founded on God and Christian principles.”


(Marine Fighter Pilot in 1944 - also flew 85 missions in Korea)




Burt Lancaster
U.S. Army - WWII


"Obama was raised as a MUSLIM/CATHOLIC, and is now a member of the "Trinity United Church of Christ." This is a 'Black membership only church,' and Obama has "pledged his ALLEGIANCE" to [the] 'Black Value System,' which is a code of non-Biblical ethics, written by Blacks, FOR Blacks. It encourages Blacks to "Group together and SEPARATE FROM," the larger American society, by pooling their MONEY, PATRONIZING "BLACK ONLY" BUSINESSES and BACKING "Black LEADERS." The media has gone along with Obama's 'buzz words,' that he will UNITE OUR COUNTRY and reach across races."



BAKER STREET SOURCE: The Trinity United Church of Christ web site.


“What’s wrong with this picture? Can you possibly imagine what would happen if there was a “White” only church - - - that only allowed white people. That patronized only white businesses, and only backed white candidates?” What would be said if there was a “White Entertainment Network” or the National Association for the Advancement of White people?”




Rev. Al Sharpton












“Just as I figured, the one thing we can always count on, regardless of the situation, is that the Reverend Al and the Reverend Jesse will get a wild hair up their ass and play the race card. Of course Jesse Jackson will always follow up with his trademark – “the black vo-tahs were disenfranchised!” somehow tying it in to that particular event."


“Have you noticed they crawl out from under their rocks only when they can play the race card? Remember when Don Imus made the comment about “Nappy Headed” and the Reverend Sharpton went ape-shit - - - culminating with Imus being kicked off the air? What about Dana Jacobson of ESPN and her remark about F--- Jesus. Where was the righteous indignation? You guys are supposed to be men of God, men of the cloth, Reverends. We heard not a peep!”




Don Imus

Dana Jacobson


Jack Lemmon
U.S. Navy - WWII

"The "Trinity United Church of Christ" is led by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who is a radical, bigot minister, and a SUPPORTER of the Reverend Louis Farrakhan (who called Judaism"gutter religion" and depicted Jews as "bloodsuckers.") and (Pastor Wright) has traveled with Farrakhan to visit Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, archenemy of Israel and a terror supporter. Most recently, as head of the UN Security Council, Gaddafi prevented condemnation of attacks against Israel.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright
and B. Hussein


Reverend Louis Farrakhan
and Mr. Disenfranchised

“I was transported by a small, circular plane- you call it a UFO - to a great mother wheel,” he claims. “Before you call me crazy, these wheels will be seen all over America. They’ll be coming down over the major cities. You will look up one day and see them, and I don’t want you to be terrified. They’re your friends.” - - - Reverend Louis Farrakhan



“Jeevers! This Hussein Obama guy is in bed with some real radical kooks. Doesn’t everybody travel up to the Mother Ship for religious instruction?”


Hussein is all the time spouting off shit how he ain’t no Muslim and attended public school.”



Factually False


B. Hussein Obama - 4th Grade - 1971
Sekolah Dasar Nasional Menteng No. 1 Basuki school

Strother Martin
U.S. Navy - WWII


“It is generally reported that as a child Obama attended a Catholic school in Indonesia, which is true. However, when Obama attended the Fransiskus Strada Asisia Catholic school in 1971 as a 4th grader, weekly religious classes were required for all students, whether Muslims, Christians, or Hindus, under the government curriculum. A shiny new mosque was in the corner of the courtyard. "The Muslims learned about Islam, prayer, and religious activity," said Hardi Priyono, the vice president for curriculum. Students were registered based on the religion of their fathers and Obama was registered as a Muslim. Muslim children spent two hours a week studying Islam."




B. Hussein Obama man of Integrity

The Obama - Rezko Connection



Antoin "Tony" Rezko

Barack Hussein Obama purchased a home from his good friend and political campaign donor, Antoin "Tony" Rezko (NATIVE OF SYRIA). Rezko owned a large parcel, and sold part of it to Obama for $625,000. Rezko was indicted and Obama felt it would be fair to pay the Rezko $104,500, or a sixth of their original purchase price, because he was acquiring a sixth of their land. The sale closed January 2006. Of course, Rezko pled not guilty in the indictment against him.


BAKER STREET FACTOID: Senator B. Hussein’s opposition to the war in Iraq is well known. But that didn’t stop him from attempting to get his Syrian crony, Federal Indictee Tony Rezko, a government contract to build a nuclear power plant in the new Iraq. SOURCE: Debbie Schlussel



BAKER STREET SOURCES: Chicago Tribune, Google Reader, Wikipedia and Propellar.

Pvt. Lee Marvin

“Folks, I can’t quite put my finger on it - - - but I get this nagging feeling that something isn’t right about this guy. Perhaps a review of his voting record as a U.S. Senator might shed some light on my gut feeling.”
(Wounded on Siapan during the Marianas Campaign - Purple Heart/Pacific Theater Medal w/Battle Star)

Capt. Burgess Meredith
Army Air Force - WWII



"S J Res 12: A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States authorizing Congress to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States."


"Senator B. Hussein Obama voted NO! - What an American!"




Gary Merrill
Army Air Corps - WWII

"WHAT! - - - This guy wants to be president and he votes against prohibiting the desecration of our flag! The flag that so many men and women have died for . . . "
(B-24 Air Crew)

Lt. Cdr. Robert Montgomery
U.S. Navy - WWII

“Yeah, and this is the same guy that refuses to wear the American flag on his lapel.”
(PT Boat skipper – D Day – Bronze Star/European Theater Ribbon w/2 Battle Stars)


Oct. 4th, 2007: An eagle-eyed reporter for the ABC affiliate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, noticed something missing from Democratic presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama's, D-Ill., lapels.

"You don't have the American flag pin on. Is that a fashion statement?" the reporter asked.



"You know, the truth is that right after 9/11, I had a pin," Obama said. "Shortly after 9/11, particularly because as we're talking about the Iraq War, that became a substitute for I think true patriotism. I decided I won't wear that pin on my chest."




Jason Robards
U.S. Navy - WWII

“HaHaHaHa - - - What a crock! Let’s see if I’ve got this straight, if I wear the flag of the United States of America on my lapel - - - it’s a substitute for patriotism, but if I don’t - - - I’m demonstrating my patriotism - - - oh brother!”
(Recipient Navy Cross – Served 7 years – Served in 14 major battles in the Pacific, including Guadalcanal, Tessafaronga, Rabaul, Rendova-New Georgia, Doolittle’s Raid, Kula Gulf, Leyte, Bougainville, Saipan, Guam, Marianas – Pacific Theater Medal w/10 Battle Stars)



BAKER STREET FACTOID: In order of precedence, the Navy Cross (U.S. Navy/USMC) is the second highest award for “Exceptional Heroism” just under the Medal of Honor.







Charles Bronson
Army Air Corps - WWII



“I really love these so called hardcore patriotic Americans. Case in point, Senator B. Hussein Obama is the guy that refused to place his hand over his heart when our National Anthem was played. Presidential material for sure!”


(Tail-Gunner, 25 missions - Purple Heart)









“Folks, as difficult as you may find it to believe - - - there are a lot of people who are convinced the sun rises and sets in Osama’s . . . uh, I mean Obama’s ass. When this incident and photograph hit the web - - - the Liberals were quick to point out that the photograph didn’t prove anything.”


“The contention was, maybe the picture was taken just before he placed his hand over his heart or perhaps the National Anthem had concluded and he was the first to lower his hand. When Liberals are confronted with something like this, you can always count on them going into either acuse, abuse, or excuse mode."
In this case it was acuse mode, and they claimed the right wingers were using the photograph in an effort to depict B. Hussein as being un-American. I’m the first to admit there is some logic to said contention - - - after all, all is fair in love and war . . . and politics.”



Sgt. George C. Scott




" . . . except, for the fact that the entire episode was caught on video tape by ABC News - - - and guess which presidential candidate didn’t place his hand over his heart in the acceptable manner of respecting our flag and National Anthem? This was also verified by Snopes."


(European Theater Ribbon w/2 Battle Stars)




CLAIM: Photograph shows Barack Obama without his hand over his heart while the National Anthem is being played.





Dennis Weaver
U.S. Navy - WWII

“ . . . and the hits just keep coming. It seems that our first black president wannabe has little reverence for the Flag of the United States of America and won’t wear our flag on his person . . . BUT!”


“Has no problem with the Cuban Flag being prominently displayed in his Houston Campaign Headquarters. Not only that, there’s a picture of that Communist champion of human rights, Che Guevara, on the flag!”
(Fighter Pilot - F4U Corsair)

FOX 26 - Houston

And check out this gem from the same Obama headquarters.

FOX 26 - Houston


“Hello everyone. I’m Twila Clapsaddle, Crypto Analysis CIA. There’s a subliminal message here. Look at the above still from a video shot by FOX 26 in Houston, Texas. No not the pictures of B. Hussein on the desk or the Obama T-shirt the revolutionary slut is wearing.”


“Look at the flags on the wall. The Cuban flag, the American flag, and a Peace Sign flag. The message is in the way the flags are arranged.




“Of course B. Hussein has claimed he doesn’t condone this sort of activity or display. If you click on the image below you can view the actual video clip. The news reporters fail to notice the pictures of Che. But you will hear “unofficial campaign headquarters” and “volunteer staff” being reported.”


“Doesn’t every city have an “Official” headquarters and an “Unofficial” headquarters?”



To View Video
Click On Image

Audie Murphy
U.S. Army - WWII


“Once confronted with irrefutable proof, as we have just done, the Democrats will habitually shift into ‘abuse’ mode. We can expect to be inundated with email referring to us as wing nuts, neo-cons, or trailer park trash. It doesn’t change the bottom line, which is - - - B. Hussein voted against prohibiting desecration of our flag, he won’t wear the flag on his lapel, and he’s disrespectful to our anthem. As for the Democrat's high regard for B. Hussein, no matter how much you try to polish a turd - - - it’s still a turd.”


(Medal of Honor)





Lt. Tyrone Power

"S 403: A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit taking minors across State lines in circumvention of laws requiring the involvement of parents in abortion decisions. Makes it illegal, excluding a minor's parents, to knowingly transport a pregnant minor across state lines in order to obtain an abortion, as a way to escape state laws requiring parental consent (Sec 2431 (a) (1) )" 
"Senator B. Hussein Obama voted NO! - What an American!" 
(Marine Pilot - Pacific Theater Ribbon w/4 Battle Stars)

Lt. Bob Barker
U.S. Navy - WWII

“No mystery here - - - especially for a black guy. After all, almost 70 percent of all black children are born out wedlock and 85 percent are raised in single parent households.” 
(Naval Aviator - F4U Corsair)

Gen. Douglas MacArthur


“Stand Down Reverend Sharpton and put your Race Card back up your sleeve. An unimpeachable statement of fact can’t under any circumstances be construed as being a racist remark. A fact is a fact no matter how much you dislike it. The source of our statistics is the United States Census Bureau and the Brookings Institute.”


“It isn’t society’s fault that your race is irresponsible - - - and we don’t want to listen to you whining about being disadvantaged or subjugated by the white race. You can’t help a people rise by doing for them that which they should do for themselves. Ask Bill Cosby. Affirmative Action came into play during the Kennedy years. Two trillion dollars later - - - the plight of the very people it was meant to help are no better off than they ever were. Why? Because Affirmative Action has done nothing but create an entitlement mentality, but then, that’s exactly what the Liberals want.”



Cpl. Red Buttons
Army Air Corps - WWII

"S Amdt 4909 to HR 5631: a public relations program designed to monitor news media in the United States and the Middle East and create a database of news stories to promote positive coverage of the war in Iraq."
"Senator B. Hussein Obama voted NO! - - - What an American!"

Cpl. Karl Malden
Army Air Corps - WWII



“That makes me hotter than a Honolulu whore on Sunday! This guy doesn’t want YOU to know the truth, only a partial truth. Anything that depicts success is contrary to the Liberal-Socialist-Democratic agenda.”


(8th Air Force)






Capt. Jackie Cooper
U.S. Navy - WWII

"S Amdt 1151 to S Amdt 1150 to S 1348: To amend title 4, United States Code, to declare English as the national language of the Government of the United States, and for other purposes. Vote to pass an amendment that declares English as the language of "sole legal authority" for the business of the federal government, and declares that no person has a right to require officials of the United States government to use a language other than English."
"Senator B. Hussein Obama voted NO! - - - What an American!"

Norman Fell
Army Air Corps - WWII


“Here’s a guy with his eye on the White House - - - and what does he do? He votes against English as our National Language.”


“Perhaps he plans on having his Islamic relatives immigrate to America and doesn’t want them to be bothered with learning a new language. Come on people - - - wake up! A guy that won’t wear our flag, won’t show respect for it, won’t protect it, and won’t even protect the language that we’ve spoken since before we became a Republic - - - is this what it’s come down to, has the pendulum swung so far to the left that the Democrats will not hesitate to install someone like this into the Oval Office? God help us!”
(B-25 Tail-Gunner)


". . . and just when you thought things can't get any worse."

SSgt. Walter Matthau
Army Air Corps - WWII

"If this one doesn't knock your dick in the dirt, nothing will. Just reprehensible!"
"S Amdt 1184 to S Amdt 1150 to S 1348: To establish a permanent bar for gang members, terrorists, and other criminals. - Bars legal status to immigrants who have engaged in certain forms of identification fraud (Sec. 204A (b). Vote to pass an amendment that would prohibit undocumented immigrants convicted of aggravated felonies, domestic violence, stalking, violation of protection orders, crimes against children, or crimes relating to the illegal purchase or sale of firearms, from gaining legal status."
"Senator B. Hussein Obama voted NO! - Whan an American!"




“That’s pure unmitigated horseshit! Amnesty is asinine to begin with, but voting against barring Gang Members, Terrorists, and Illegal Aliens from amnesty if they've been convicted of committing crimes against people and property - - - up to and including child molestation and rape, is beyond comprehension - - - and this cocksucker wants us to put him in the White House!”






Sgt. Kevin McCarthy
Army Air Corps - WWII

"S 3930: A bill to authorize trial by military commission for violations of the law of war. Allows military commissions to try any offense committed by an "unlawful enemy combatant," which is defined as a non-US citizen who "purposefully and materially supported hostilities against the U. S. or its co-belligerents who is not a lawful enemy combatant (including a person who is part of the Taliban, al Qaeda, or associated forces) " and is not affiliated with any legal army, militia, or government organization (Sec 948a, 948d)"
"Includes the following crimes committed by unlawful enemy combatants as "triable" by the military commissions: terrorism, attacking civilians or protected property, rape, intentionally mistreating a dead body, sexual assault or abuse, taking hostages, torture, murder in violation of the law of war, spying, and wrongfully aiding the enemy (Sec 950v (b) )"
"Senator B. Hussein Obama voted NO! - What an American!"


BAKER STREET SOURCE: (B. Hussein's voting record) Congressional Record and Project Vote Smart.

Paul Newman
U.S. Navy - WWII

“I don’t know about you - - - but I’ve always been under the impression that a U.S. Senator was supposed to represent the best interests of his or her constituents. Voting against banning amnesty for terrorists, gang members, and illegal aliens convicted of crimes committed on U.S. soil is not only NOT in the peoples best interests - - - it’s damn sure anti-American! Voting against allowing trial by military commission for unlawful combatants participating in hostile action against the U.S. is a travesty.”


(Rear Gunner – TBM Avenger)




Lt. Gen. "Chesty" Puller


“Let me be perfectly clear about this. Hell hath no fury like a Liberal non-combatant, someone that’s never been on the receiving end of an AK-47. It’s a dangerous concept to allow “Do-Gooder” Liberal non-combatants to dictate the Rules of Engagement. How do you explain a headache to someone who has never had a headache?”


“The Liberals actually wanted to change the Rules of Engagement - - - if we were fired upon, they wanted us to issue a warning, if the enemy fires on us again - - - we’ll be forced to fire on them. BULLSHIT!”


“They fire on us from their sanctuary position in a mosque and because it’s a religious structure I can’t fire back - - - screw that. I call in an air strike or set the mosque on fire and hose down the terrorists with small arms, launch some AT-4s, some 40MM grenades into the building and when things quiet down, I send in a fire team and we double tap (fire two rounds into) every Tango’s (bad guy) head. I bring my men home alive!”


“The Liberals forget one thing, these animals chop off civilian’s heads and break every goddamn Geneva Convention rule there is - - - the Liberals believe the rag heads have rights. Do yourself a favor, actually read the accords of the Geneva Convention – they do NOT qualify!”



BAKER STREET FACTOID: Chesty Puller is a Marine Corps legend – the highest decorated Marine of all time – 5 time recipient of the Navy Cross.




Sgt. George Reeves
Army Air Corps - WWII




“There must be a more plausible explanation - - - B. Hussein’s voting record far exceeds typical asinine liberal ideology. It’s almost as if his loyalty and sympathies lie elsewhere.”


(8th Air Force)







Betcha B. Hussein didn't want you to know about this . . .

Why it’s none other than B. Hussein with wife Michelle and Palestinian ActivistPLO/Arafat advisor – Edward Said, at a Arab/Muslim fundraiser.




"Sweet Fanny Adams!"
"Holmes old boy, this deserves further investigation."


“Very well, let’s see if we can coax the camel thru the eye of the needle.”


TIME.com - Quote of the Day:

(Retouched Photo)

"I'm Le Bron, baby. I can play on this level. I got some game." - - Barack Obama 

(As seen on AOL's "Your mail has been sent" window)







Sgt. John Agar
Army Air Corps - WWII




"Makes you wonder - - - WHO is teaching B. Hussein these games? There's the Devine Wing, the so called men of God, and most certainly masters of the confidence game, also known as the Flim-FlamThe Reverends Jeremiah Wright; Louis Farrakhan; Al Sharpton; and Jesse Jackson."








"Pssssssst - - - did ya notice all of em are Black?"
“Sometimes we see these charlatans that use religion as a means to line their pockets. I ain’t sayin that any of these guys fit the shoe - - - but if they wuz in Denmark, I’ll bet something would smell rotten - - - if ya know what I mean?”


Responding to criticism by Washington Post Columnist Richard Cohen, B. Hussein Obama declared his strong opposition to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.
"I decry racism and anti-Semitism in every form and strongly condemn the anti-Semetic statements made by Minister Farrakhan."
Obama also went on to condemn his church's award to Farrakhan and his minister's tight relationship with him."



Gene Roddenberry
Army Air Corps - WWII

"B. Hussein's sudden aversion to Farrakhan is belied by the fact that B.Hussein employs and continues to employ several Farrakhan acolytes in high positions on his Illinois and U. S. Senate campaign and office staffs."
(C-46 Pilot, 8th Air Force)

Cliff Robertson
Merchant Marine - WWII

"Cynthia K. Miller, a member of the Nation of Islam, is the treasurer for B. Hussein's U. S. Senate Campaign."
"When Miller was contacted by Debbie Schlussel, to verify whether she was a member of The Nation of Islam and was asked whether she shared Louis Farrakhan's bigoted views about Jews, she responded, "None of your business!" and hung up."

Robert Stack
U.S. Navy - WWII

"Jennifer Mason, also a member of the Nation of Islam, is B. Hussein's Director of Constituent Services in his U. S. Senate office and is also in charge of selecting Hussein's interns."
(Gunnery Instructor)

Rod Steiger
U.S. Navy - WWII

"Did you say internships, let's see now - - - oh yeah,  B. Hussein's Syrian buddy, Tony Rezko managed to pursuaded B. Hussein to give John Armanda a coveted internship in his Senate office. Of course that was after Armanda donated $11,500 to Obama's campaign."

"We also know that Rezko got a $6 Million KICKBACK from government deals B. Hussein orchestrated.”


(Joined at 16 - served on Destroyers in the Pacific)









“Holy Mackerel Amos! Dis smells like a rotting fish left on the bank in duh sun!”






“Dat ain’t duh haff of it. Dat Syrian mofo, what’s hiz name - - - oh yeah, Rezko - - - got hizself indicted fer Bribes, Kickbacks, and Extortion.”


“But dat din’t stop Obama from doin business with him.”






“Dat ain’t no bullshit neither - - - Tim Novak of duh Chicago Sun Times and Anderson Cooper of the Communist News Network (CNN) both reported dat Obama did legal work fer Rezko on some low income apartments after he wuz indicted. Dat Muslim mofo will do anything for hiz Muslim brothers!”





“Look here Kingfish - - - I knows something bout duh law. Obama ain’t no Muslim, he told us so. Therefo you can’t call him no Muslim mofo - - - you needs tuh retract what it wuz you said, or get slammed with a defamation beef.”


“Oh an ul-tahmato eh! - - - Look here fool, just because you’re a custodian at duh court house don’t make you no Clarence Darrow.” 



“Mebbe you ain’t gonna be duh benny fishery of legal action, but a shit load of peoples think Obama be another John Kennedy. Sheeeeeet!”


“What you can spect is a bunch of dem bra-less Berkeley skeezers huntin you down and standin square in yo ass!”




“Aah um - - - allow me to rephrase my previous redderdick!”


Barack HUSSEIN Osama - - - uh I mean Obama, ain’t no Muslim, but dat mofo will do anything for hiz Muslim pals.”


“It really disturbs me because the two names look and sound so much alike - - - Osama and Obama. Only a single letter separates them.” 





“Zee only difference between Sugarcane and Cocaine iz a zingle molecule.”


“Zee question is - - - vhats in a name anyhow?”


"Hello June - - - how's the Beaver?"




“Oh hi Eddie - - - he’s just fine.”


'I wonder if he was being slick and really asking about my cooter?'


'I wonder if she’s wondering if I meant her cooter? Of course I meant your cooter! Stupid bitch! I’m a teenaged boy, that’s all I think about - - - I even get a woody if I see Wilma Flintstone bend over! - - - I'm surprised you haven't found that stack of Playboy's Wally keeps stashed in the closet.'


"Did you see the Gazongas on Miss August!"


"Hey dad - - - what's a Gazonga?"



"Well Beav - - - a gazonga is slang meaning big or huge. Like you can make a little mistake or you can make a gazonga.”


“Like Senator B. Hussein’s wife's gazonga on Monday, February 18th of this year. Speaking in Milwaukee, she said . . . "

"For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country . . . "

Michelle Obama


“WHAT! - - - You gotta be shittin me! We’ve got a presidential candidate that won’t respect or protect our flag running all around the country like greased lighting on owl shit - - - and now we have a potential First Lady that has never been proud of her country throughout her adult life - - - God help us!”


Charlie Chan

“Number one son recently work on B. Hussein case with Honorable Detective Holmes and Physician Watson. Velly bad man this Obama, many gazongas. Most imperative you help tell Amelican people truth about him.”

Obama's Foreign Policy Advisor

Robert Malley

Gen. Dwight Eisenhower
U.S. Army - WWII

“Much has been said about Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience. He does have a foreign policy advisor, Robert Malley - - - Obama’s choice of advisors should send a chill down every American’s spine.”

Lt. John F. Kennedy
U.S. Navy - WWII



"Robert Malley, Obama's Foreign Policy Adviser - has penned numerous opinion articles - many of them co-written with a former adviser to the late Palestinian Authority President YASSAR ARAFAT. Robert Malley, has expressed sympathy for HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH."




Lt.Cdr. Lyndon B. Johnson
U.S. Navy - WWII



"In February 2006, after HAMAS won a majority of seats in the Palestinian parliament and amid a U. S. and Israeli attempt to isolate the HAMAS-run Palestinian Authority, Malley wrote an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun advocating international AID to the terror group's newly formed government."




Lt.Cdr. Richard M. Nixon
U.S. Navy - WWII



"B. Hussein Obama is associated with William Ayers, a University of Illinois professor and former member of a left-wing TERRORIST group (Weathermen) that planted bombs in U. S. Federal buildings in the 1970's."


  "Ayers served WITH Obama on the board of the Woods Fund, an antipoverty group, from 1999 to 2002, and donated money to his 2001 Illinois State Senate campaign." c




William Ayers

Lt.Cdr. Gerald Ford
U.S. Navy - WWII

"B. Hussein Obama's SOCIALIST backing goes back at least to 1996, when he received the endorsement of the Chicago branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) for an Illinois state senate seat."

"Hussein Obama - The SOCIALISTS Choice"


Capt. Ronald Reagan
Army Air Corps - WWII

"HUSSEIN's stint as a "community organizer" in Chicago has been widely published, BUT his relationship with the DSA socialists who GROOMED and BACKED him, has generally been ignored by the drive-by media."

Lt. George H. W. Bush
U.S. Navy - WWII

"Hussein Obama campaigned for openly socialist 
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Interestingly, Sanders, who won his seat in 2006, called HUSSEIN "one of the great leaders of the United States Senate, even though Obama had only been in the body for about two years. In 2007, the National Journal said that Obama had established himself as "the most liberal Senator." More liberal than Sanders?

Rep. Bernard Sanders


One of the guiding lights of the Congressional Progressive Caucus is avowed socialist Congressman Bernie Sanders.


The Democratic Socialists of America's chief organizing goal is to work within the Democratic Party and remove the stigma attached to "socialism" in the eyes of most Americans.


Until 1999, the website of the Congressional Progressive Caucus was hosted by the Democratic Socialists of America. Following an expose of the link between the two organizations in WorldNetDaily, the Progressive Caucus established its own website under the auspices of Congress - - - overnight!.


At present there are 69 members, all socialists, on the Democratic side of the House of Representatives. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi served on the executive committee of the hard leaning socialist Progressive Caucus. 

Jack Palance
Army Air Corps - WWII

"The Democratic Socialists of America describes itself as the largest socialist organization in the United States and the principal U. S. affiliate of the SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL. The Socialist International (SI) has what is called "consultative status" with the UNITED NATIONS. In other words, it works hand-in-glove with the world body, and you know what a great track record the UN has!"
(B-24 Pilot)

Don Knotts
U.S. Army - WWII

"The international connection is IMPORTANT and SIGNIFICANT because an Obama sponsored bill, "The Global Poverty Act," has just been rushed through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, with the assistance of the chairman, LEFTIST Democratic Senator Joe Biden - - - The legislation (S.2433) commits the U. S. to spending hundreds of billions of dollars MORE in foreign aid on the rest of the world, in order to comply with the "Millennium Goals" established by the United Nations.”



“Izz very rudimentary equation.”


“RW = S”


“Redistribution of Wealth = Socialism

Sgt. Andy Rooney
U.S. Army - WWII


B. Hussein’s bill also commits participating nations to banning small arms. He lobbies for a bill that decreases gun ownership along with a UN agenda and then turns around in public while campaigning and says he supports individual gun ownership.”


(Correspondent for the Stars and Stripes – flew the first bombing mission over Germany with the 8th Air Force)




S1/c Don Rickles
U.S. Navy - WWII


“During his tenure as a U.S. Senator representing the people of Illinois, B. Hussein skipped 17 percent of the votes and sponsored only one bill that became law. That bill was to promote “relief to the Congo.” What about the poverty stricken in Illinois senator? Don’t you think you should help your own people before you help people half way around the world - - - after all they elected you based on your promises?”




Lt. Eli Wallach
U.S. Army - WWII



B. Hussein Obama has distinguished himself mainly by being against and voting against measures that protect American security, such as finishing the mission in Iraq, or banning convicted gang members and terrorists from amnesty, or protecting our flag, or our language, illuminating his true character and agenda as well as his willingness to support Muslims.”




Lt. James Whitmore

“As you have clearly seen, B. Hussein has a dismal voting record - - - anti-American, anti-National Security, anti-Christian. Here are a few more examples of how this great American votes.”

S 1927: Foreign Intelligence Acquisition - Vote to pass a bill that authorizes the U.S. to monitor foreign electronic communications routed through the country. HUSSEIN Voted NO!


HR 3199: USA PATRIOT and Terrorism Prevention Reauthorization – Vote to extend and modify authorities needed to combat terrorism. HUSSEIN Voted NO!


S J Res 1: Same Sex Marriage Resolution - Vote on the motion to invoke cloture on a joint resolution proposing a constitutional amendment defining marriage as consisting of a man and a woman. HUSSEIN Voted NO!

The Manchurian Candidate


Sgt. Jack Warden
U.S. Army - WWII


“The plot of the film centers on a Vice Presidential candidate brainwashed with the involvement of his mother and her own political aims, true to life the candidate is a leftist Democrat. The Vice-Presidential spot is not what mom has in mind for her son, but the presidency. On election night, the newly elected president will be assassinated, and the brainwashed junior is supposed to ascend to the presidency.”


(Paratrooper 101st Airborne - Battle of the Bulge)




"You know sumtin - - - there’s a lot more to dissa Baracka Hussein sonna-muh-bitch then meetsa duh eye. I’ma believe he coulda easily be . . . "


B. Hussein Obama (Actual Photograph)
Photo Credit - Associated Press


Carrol O'Conner
Merchant Marine - WWII

“In this version, which isn’t based on a novel - - - but rather based on real life, we find another mother having great aspirations for her son. She was an atheist and quite anti-American although she was born in Kansas.”


The March 27th, 2007 edition of the Chicago Tribune ran an article about Ann Dunham. Her closest personal friends confirmed that she was a devout communist sympathizer. She also married two Muslims back to back. In 1960 she married Baracka Hussein Obama Sr.


In 1967 she married an Indonesian Muslim named LoLo Soetero. In 1967 Soetero’s student visa was revoked and he returned to his native Indonesia along with his wife and stepson Barack Hussein Obama Jr.




Sigmund Freud



“Ninety percent of the personality is formed by the seventh year of life. The child will also adopt parental morals, ethics, religion, and political ideology. Obama has tried to mask his anti-American sentiment but his voting record exposes his true nature.”






“On top of all this, B. Hussein shares a character trait with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Lying has become central to his ability to communicate. The deception perpetrated against the American voter makes me want to puke.”


“We’ve already pointed out the un-truths B. Hussein uttered at the 04 Democratic Convention. On March 4th, 2007 once again he bullshitted the public when he addressed a crowd from the pulpit of the historic Brown Chapel A.M.E. church in Selma Alabama.” 





In a blatantly fraudulent attempt to project himself as a product of the courageous civil rights movement of the sixties, B. Hussein told his audience . . . “because some folks had the courage to "march across a bridge" in Selma, Alabama, my mother, a white woman from Kansas, and my father, a black Muslim from Africa, took heart. It gave them the courage to get married and have a child.




Factually False




Houston - - - we have a problem. B. Hussein Obama, Jr., was born on August 4, 1961, while the first of three marches across that bridge in Selma didn't occur until March 7, 1965, at least five years after Obama's parents met.







B. Hussein went on to tell his audience that: Jack and Bobby Kennedy, decided to air lift some young Africans to America so that they could be educated. My grandfather heard that call, got a ticket, and arranged to send his son, my father, Baracka Hussein Obama, Sr., to America.”




Factually False



“That’s a fuckin tear jerkin story if I ever heard one. Except it isn’t true and this Hussein douche bag was bullshittin good honest God fearing church people!”


“Try to follow me on this. Obama was born on August 4th, 1961. That means good old mom had to be riding the baloney pony sometime in November 1960 and conceived. That’s one hell of an accomplishment - - - no Private Pyle, I don’t mean Obama's dad spankin mom’s monkey, I mean - - - John F. Kennedy wasn’t sworn in as president until January 20th, 1961.”





“I get it Gunny. His grandfather, Hussein Obama, figured out how to get his son, Baracka Hussein Obama Sr., on Kennedy’s African air lift - - - months before there actually was an air lift! - - - just like those folks that “marched over the bridge” and inspired his parents to have a kid five years before their inspirational march.”


Political Endorsement


From Nation of Islam leader and renowned space travelerLouis Farrakhan

(The guy that hopped on a UFO and traveled up to the mothership)




"In The Name of Allah"

“This young man is the hope of the entire world that America will change and be made better. If you look at Barack Obama's audiences and look at the effect of his words, those people are being transformed."

Farrakhan compared Obama to the religion's founder, Fard Muhammad, who also had a white mother and black father.

"A black man with a white mother became a savior to us," he told the crowd of mostly followers. "A black man with a white mother could turn out to be one who can lift America from her fall."




“Oh brother! Gimme a break will ya. We’re talkin a black Muslim father and a white atheist mother. His head was probably messed up before he was off the tit.”

Gen. Douglas MacArthur
Medal of Honor


“Comparing Barack Hussein Obama to a savior is beyond my comprehension and he most certainly occupies an ideological spot just to the left of Attila the Hun, as evidenced by his voting record. He hasn’t won his party’s nomination yet and he’s already announcing timetables for withdrawing our troops to the enemy - - - giving the vicious Islamic foe the advantage as well as ample lead time to plan their mission of overrunning and subjugating the indigenous population, thusly creating a true Islamic extremist state.”


Obama believes in extending Geneva Convention protections to terrorists - - - and Constitutional rights for illegal aliens, not to mention voting against banning convicted gang members and terrorists from amnesty. He wants the U.N., not the U.S., to be the world’s peacekeeper. Just look at Darfur to see what a fine job the U.N. does as peacekeepers. He is all for respecting the rites and traditions of Muslims both here and in Guantanamo.”


“His oratorical nomenclature is one of being all things to everyone, he professes religious tolerance, women’s rights, democracy and intellectual freedom, but more often than not he sides with the Arabs.”

Gen. George S. Patton

“Do you think we’re just pounding sand up your ass? B. Hussein is waving the white flag before he’s even elected and that’s a fact.. He says as president he will end the war. He will strip funding for missile defense systems. He will curtail development of future combat systems. He will cease nuclear weapons development. He will institute deep cuts in our nuclear arsenal.”


“In other words, he’ll unzip our country’s fly and leave us exposed. Click on the image below and hear it for yourself - - - straight from the Muslim’s - - - uh, I mean straight from the candidate’s own mouth.”




Click on Image


Be Afraid America


Lest we end up with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, and Osama - - - uh, Obama as President. Put B. Hussein in the White House and you might look out your window one day soon and see this walking up your driveway:






Either way, you're screwed
Be Very Very Afraid America
Lest we all get screwed



"Dibs on seconds!"


"You'll screw anything won't you!"








“Forget him Hil - - - I’ve got this!”








"godDAMN! - - - That's what I call a GAZONGA!"
"Come to mama baby!"

Un-retouched Photo



“Sorry about that - - - but I just HAD to get in one last Hillary dig, I couldn’t help myself - - - she’s so full of shit she’s dangerous. So is this Obama clown.”


“If either one gets into the Oval Office - - - this country goes to hell in a hand basket. I’ve never actually understood what that really means, but what the hey - - - that’s what’s going happen.”


“Its like this - - - and remember, Hillary or B. Hussein will unzip America’s fly - - - here’s the analogy.”


“You know how those animal rights types will run up to a little old lady wearing a fur coat and throw a can of paint on her - - - how come you never hear of them throwing paint on a biker? They wear leather too - - - BECAUSE they know they’ll end up in the emergency room getting a boot removed from their ass, that’s why!”



“Get the point? - - - Walk softly and carry an armored division in your back pocket I always say!”


“It’s becoming a real cliff hanger between the two Democratic candidates and things are about to get real dirty. Over the next few weeks you’ll be hearing a lot of what we’ve presented in this expose’ on B. Hussein.”


“We now have a new angle in the fray - - - in the form of Ralph “Pinto” Nader.”



Nader isn’t a dummy. He knows the ensuing weeks or months will expose Hillary and Obama for what they really are - - - even though it won’t make a difference to a lot of people who think Hillary or B. Hussein are the best thing since sliced bread (what was best before sliced bread?), there will be ample numbers on the fence looking for an alternative. As is the case with John McCain, enough of the conservative side of the coin are on the fence looking for a viable alternative, which will enable Nader to bleed off votes.”


“Surely Nader knows he can’t possibly get enough votes to win the presidency, but he sure as hell will affect the outcome.”


“Although LOCKED-ON isn’t endorsing McCain. We know he will be the Republican nominee and above all else McCain is a hawk and won’t unzip our country’s fly.”


“For better or worse, unlike Hillary or Obama Lama Ding Dong, who only talk about what they think they’ve done, McCain has actually done something in the United States Senate.”


“Vote wisely my fellow Americans - - - lest your vote puts Hillary or Obama over the top to win the presidency.” 





EDITORIAL NOTE:  "Due to the length of this expose’ on B. Hussein Obama we have included some good old Americana in the form of 1950’s television sitcoms to keep it interesting as well as telling a secondary story about the Hollywood greats of times past.


Our country was deliberately attacked on December 7th 1941 just as it was on September 11th 2001. Many gave up lucrative careers to serve their country in her time of need. The mind-boggling number of medals these individuals earned is a testament to their heroic and patriotic service and we owe them a debt of gratitude.


Unlike the Hollywood elite of today who have succumbed to the Liberal scourge and can do nothing but bad mouth their country and rub elbows with our enemies." 

Harry Belafonte

Danny Glover

Sean Penn

. . . and hundreds more, Tim Robbins – Martin Sheen – Susan Sarandon – Michael Moore – Jane Fonda – etc., etc., etc.


SPECIAL MENTION: We would like to express our gratitude to Ruth, one of our investigators and editors. Her selfless devotion to this issue helped make it possible.


Thank you Ruth.


So why the picture of Hitchcock? Well, Hitchcock always made a cameo appearance in all of his movies. In this issue of LOCKED-ON our Editor in Chief makes a cameo – it’s up to you to figure out where.




“Until next time - - - God bless our troops, the United States of America, and each and everyone of you.”


Thank you, Check Six, and stay cool,
The Eagle


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